Sunday, November 27, 2005

big pour out

Been having diarrhea since last Wednesday, as a result my asshole is cracked up and my legs are numb ** weird and gross stuff to blog about LOL ** ...anyway, missed about 2 day's lecture and tutorial...nothing exceptional, just scared that I can't catch up on the Flash tutorials......

Speaking of Flash, Mr.Stephen Tang took over the lecture for Multimedia on Friday to show us some software that can aid in our edutainment software development......he then demonstrated what I can only say as technical superiority...the dude just draws an image, added a few ActionScript on the fly, and there you go, rain drops with splashing effect......maybe it's not so big a deal for you guys who are experts in Flash, but for this Flash idiot it's damn impressive lah...really respect the guy, salute!


College is having this Unplugged Pop Song competition, so they have a teaser performance in Canteen 2...haven't heard all of the bands, but seriously some of them can't sing. If have a live band might as well do a band competition, then we can listen to real music lah...really don't understand why those talented band members grouped with a subpar lead singer singing crappy pop songs, and the audience goes wild whenever a high note gone off-key...crazy...WE WANT ROCK!!!


Had dinner with Gil, Chris and Kien Jean in TBR, and Gil was in his usual dreamy-cum-in-love-with-himself state, plus he's also pokai already, somemore got the guts to ajak us makan, and expecting Chris to pay for him like everytime, dunno how he spend his cash the guy was broke, and after makan we wait for him to go withdraw money from the ATM which is just 2 shops beside the diner.

He said "dowan, waste RM1."

WHAT THE FUCK?! spend so much money making outstation calls and buying beauty products and clothing, but don't wanna withdraw money because MEPS is gonna charge you a measly RM1 ??? You call that saving money? I will never understand his logic of saving a little and spending a lot, I thought it was the other way around...

So to teach him a lesson we decided not to pay for him. It took us 35 minutes to convince him to withdraw. But ATM left RM51, and the machine only dispense RM50 notes, in the end, let's just say that we deeply humiliated his pride.

Bear in mind, WE ARE TRYING TO HELP HIM. Some people just needs to be kicked in the butt to realize their wrongs.


Everybody is so outraged about the Chinese naked woman incident, "disgrace to the country" lah, "disgusting" lah, etc. dunno about you guys, but I'm pretty much immune to these kind of shits......I mean, with everything going on in this country, this is just something waiting to happen sooner or later.

Don't get me wrong, I still think the incident is disturbing and amoral, it's distasteful as women's pride is humiliated, the police is gonna have a hard time cleaning up this shit. I'm just saying that it doesn't shock me as hard as other people. Strip naked and doing ear-squats? I'm pretty sure other coutry has such issues to sort too...I guess this is the effect of information overload: you surf too much, played one too many GTAs, you pretty much seen it all. Know what's the scariest part is? After getting used to see shocked images, you kinda expect these sort of things to happen.

Demented mind? Maybe. Blame the Net.


Yesterday, invited by Chih Kok to attend the Universal Peace Federation's inaugural convocation at the KL Convention Center. Was thinking to see something different la, and hear what the founder of the UPF had to say on world peace......mana tau got a 3 hour lecture on God, Abel & Cain and the likes, sien lah......

Maybe this is the first time for the event, everything was not very well done...the performers' English was horrible when reciting a poem, and the translator in the radio frequency (the founder only speaked Korean) was know you're in big trouble when the only good thing was the emcee......


Lots and lots of assignments and tests coming......damn busy......I think I'm the only one haven't submit the FYP......

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