Thursday, December 15, 2005

another post on mundane stuffs

Listening To: The Eagles "Hotel California"

Went to the doctors again yesterday, coz i caught a fever and cold. This is the second time in the span of 3 weeks. I practically spent the whole of Wednesday lying on bed sleeping. Damn, my health is really deteriorating......

What's funny is that during the times when I'm asleep, I have the most vivid dream in a long time. I dreamed that I was some kind of fugitive warrior belonging to some rebels in the medieval times, playing hide and seek with the authority and avoiding capture. Like Wong Fei Hung and Fong Sai Yuk. LOL !!!

Dragged myself to college today despite still feeling a bit spinning in my head. Didn't talk much coz still suffering from sorethroat. Skipped the latter half of the OOSAD lecture coz the lecturer was repeating things. Again.

Although it was a surprise to hear her acknowledging the fact that she "talks too much". Quite a funny moment that will strike a chord with a lot of us.

Still wondering whether I wanna follow Teik Teng to Low Yat or not tomorrow to get those DVD-Rs. Hope that I can also get my long awaited 24 Season 1 DVD. (ciplak one lah of course, what u think?)

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