Friday, December 16, 2005

Irritations of being a class rep

OK, I wanted to rant about this since 100 years ago. I got so fucking fed up with people already. Particularly people from my course.

Except for a few attentive souls who actually CARES what happen and what is going on, the rest of them is just plain IGNORANT. Yes, ignorant and egoistical (one could argue about the ego part since everyone has one, but we're talking about class organization here).

Let's start from notes distribution. Everytime there's notes these people are not even cool enough to come get the notes. Fine, so a few set is still OK with me, but when you have 8 sets of notes stacked higher than KL Tower at any one time with the lecturer waiting for you down there to finish your business, boy, I sure could use some help. Goddammit, come fucking take your notes ok ?! I'm not supposed to go round the lecture hall with u people sitting so far in between, they should come get from me lah!!! Somemore everytime sure got 5 or more people absent one, then I HAVE TO CARRY YOUR FUCKING NOTES HOME!!! Sometimes heavy text books even!! God, can't you just come to lecture and ease my pain ?! Why the fuck don't you come to lecture ?!

I also have a question: Is everyone in my class deaf or blind or something like that? Because I'm pretty sure that Steven made the same announcement like 3 times or so in the lecture hall, and after that I still have to inform you guys ONE BY ONE. Why not make the whole announcement at one go? Well, I could, IF YOU WOULD FUCKING ATTEND CLASS IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!

OK. Fine. Make announcement. The next day you still have the guts to come and ask me about the same thing. FUCK YOU. Don't you have ears? What, they used for hiding your tahi telinga? Is that why you didn't listen? Oh, I'm sorry. Should I borrow a shovel and shovel real hard into your ears so that you can listen clearer? I'll goddamn shovel your ass then you know......

Come on people, please don't make me suffer anymore lah, already promised to go to the Graduation Nite ball then don't screw me and the organizing commitee lah. You want 5 star hotel treatment but paying a mere RM70 also wanna complaint? Then I ask you this : 5 star hotel ask you to pay RM130 you want or not, coz' that's the real price, the market price. You pay what you get. What, you think your grandfather's hotel ah?

Then come the money issues. I give you one week time, making announcements, persuade you to go to the ball, told you the deadline, even have to beg you to pay......and yet you still had the audacity to tell me on the last day you got no money??? FUCK YOU, YOU IGNORAMUS!!! FUCK! FUCK! FUUCCKK!!!

It's not about the money I care, it's the promise and the failure to make up for it. I really don't understand. It's just RM70. How hard can it be? At least pay lah on the last day, I don't mind. But don't come last day still give me a "Dunno la, dunno wanna go or not la" or "no money la, next week la" kind of shitty and irresponsible reply. FUCKING MAKE UP YOUR MIND WOULD YA ?!


Please lah people, the committee is working hard to get this ball to work. It's just 5-6 hours of gathering, makan and having some fun. After all, we study for what, like, 4 years together? It's time to relax and spend some time with our course mates. I know that some of you guys will argue that we are not that close to other people in the course, so there's no point attending the ball. Frankly, I feel the same. But just give them a chance, OK? Appreciate the efforts, and don't gimme that whole balik kampung or assignment bullshit. You know you're not gonna do anything substantial that day.

If you are my class mate or course mate who unfortunately is the victim of my bashings, AND you're still reading up to this point, I say thank you and congratulations. Please go back home and think about it.

Seriously, mates, don't piss me off.

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