Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Review: King Kong

Actually, before this, I have never seen the movie version of King Kong. Not the 1933 or 1976 one. But everyone knows how it's gonna turn out. Kong grabs the girl atop the Empire State Building and falls to its death. (That is not a spoiler. Everyone knows the ending already) So I didn't have much expectation other than the fact that it's directed by Peter Jackson.

Now that has gotta be good.

As it turns out, it is good. No, it's great. It's magnificent! This is the best 3 hours spent in the cinema for 2005. No other movie in 2005 is this rewarding. The FX are very very very realistic. In fact, I'd say that Kong is more realistic than some of the real actors.

Nah, I'm just kidding.

Seriously, the visuals are at times better than those in Return of The King. Kong is so damn real you'd think it's a real ape they captured on film. Great acting again by Andy Serkis.

The story starts really slow, only getting to Skull Island after an hour into the film. But after that it's one helluva roller coaster ride after another. My favourite is the Brontosaurus stampede and the T-Rex battle. Awesome.

Actually, some of the quieter scenes are quite poetic and beautiful, such as when Kong and the girl watches sunset and sunrise. Or that ice scene on Central Park. Pure magic.

Of all the actors, Naomi Watts is the best. She's gotta act opposite this CG ape, and you can see that she does a fine job. (Plus, she is sooooooo beautiful......) Adrien Brody doesn't have much to do, really. Watch him in The Pianist instead. I almost thought Jack Black was gonna be the comic relief, but luckily he isn't.

All in all a great film not to be missed.

I'm thinking whether should I go for the IMAX version. But that would mean shelling out another RM15. God I'm broke......

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