Saturday, December 31, 2005

This is Malaysia

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Ugh. I am so damn tired.

Just finish the OOSAD assignment this morning. Rushed it all night and only managed 2 hours of sleep....I think I stayed up for more than 30 hours my eyes are closing and can't take it anymore, gotta sleep already......Kanasai, some group members are just so relaxing and with excuses of staying far away, cannot do this cannot do that, dunno how to do......all bullshits......

My feeling now is like the title of the song I'm listening...just wanna walk away, walk out...not from a relationship but from the assignment group......It's not good being a responsible'll be the one suffering the most during assignment times......really don't understand how some people can ignore the assignments and the responsibilities of ACTUALLY doing it......

The Flash assignment is still hanging, not halfway. I haven't even start doing it yet, been busy with other assignments, and haven't the faintest idea how to start......and we have to submit on Tuesday with the Grad Nite on Monday evening......

Yet I'm still here blogging. Talk about lazy to the max.

In the last post I mentioned I wanna talk something about the Education System. Actually, it's more like critisizing it. Now I'm seriously thinking about whether or not I should do this, coz, u know, our country being "democratic" and all, I'd probably get arrested and charged in court for allegedly "spreading rumours" and all. It's just like a few years back when a woman posted a message on the web warning people about curfews and riots in the Anwar incident, but was charged with "causing panic to the public".

Normally, I don't talk politics. But fuck it. I'm going to talk about it anyway. It's too big an issue to keep it to myself.

You guys probably know this, or probably not. Remember the PMR examination results released a few weeks back? The headlines were reading almost all students did great in the exam. Everyone was happy coz' the students passed with flying colours, especially considering the fact that this is the first year (or the second? i forgot) that some of the subjects are taught and examined in English.

Well guess what. A chat with my relative who's working as a teacher revealed some crazy stuff. Apparently the PMR students did so bad in the exams, both trial and actual, that the education ministry had to call an emergency meeting involving all teachers and tutors. In the end, the higher authorities ordered all teachers to review the marks and change the standards.

Mind you, this isn't the usual drawing graph tactic used in our exams system. I'm talking about going from grade D to grade A.

WTF? it's common la in Malaysia that we have these so called 'standard graphs' to "help" students to pass. (Even TAR college also do this la...) But jumping from D to A is just plain ridiculous.

I'm not bullshitting here. It's a fact. The system is seriously flawed. They even allow usage of both English and Bahasa Melayu in the same sentence for the answers. Where the hell is the standard? How are we gonna compete with other country if the higher powers keep doing this?!
This is sure gonna be a laughing stock......

I'm not sure how many people know about this case, but this is surely a scandal that the government is trying to hide. You gotta have insiders working as government servants to get this kind of info. Personally I think it doesn't help students at all, how can they improve with a system that allows poor to become excellent?

Fuck it. I'm going to England next year.

Some other observations that make me sick:
  1. the passing of the Family Law that diminishes Muslim women's rights in marriage and actually make husbands marrying a second wife an easier process. The ministers even dare to say that this benefits the first wife. Dispicable.
  2. the lawsuit of a bribed police officer suing a girl for libel after she felt guilty about her actions and reported to this also can...where is justice?
  3. the ear squat incident. They make it a fuss when they thought the victim was a Chinese national; and just simply look into the case after discovering she was just a local Malay. Stupid......placing importance on foreign affairs over basic human rights.
  4. This one make me damn pai seh. When Pak Lah was giving a speech during an official event attended by hundreds of government servants and officials, a high ranking police chief was sleeping on the chair behind Pak Lah, legs open and mouth open. My mom attended the event, she witnessed this. Damn memalukan the country.
Only in Malaysia can something like this happen. Truly Malaysia Boleh.

Now let's hope that no government official bumps into my blog......

** This post talk politics, damn boring one.........thanks for your time if you're still reading.......

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