Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Dinners & ISE Nites

Just came back from the dinner for class reps and the ISE Nite committees at Danau Kota. Steven said it was a dinner for us class reps, recognize our "hard work" and things like that, but for me it's more like a get together for the committees......

Whatever, so long as I get free dinner :P

Had the graduation night (Myosotis ISE Nite) last Monday 2nd January at the Hotel Grand Seasons. Sorry for the late post...was busy with assignments and the likes.

Anyway, went out to meet Frankie and the gang at about 5pm. Theresa asked us to wait for her so that we can go together. After 45 mins we just went ahead, figured they'd take their time to do the makeup anyway.

Reached there earlier than expected. Saw the committee members dress up in damn cun punya outfits, we were like so ordinary......

So just took our time strolling around the hotel while waiting for the nite to begin. Took some pics......

with my Silverlake colleagues Wei Kit & Kirk and Teik Teng

Dylan, Jacob, Kok Cheng & Teik Teng

Yeah! Frankie, Alvin, Chris and Teik Teng

Well, soon after that the "ball" started...everyone was dressed so sharply...saw Julie and Jen at Table C, so joined them la......

5 beautiful babes at my table (back L-R) Chew Hong, Theresa (front L-R) Huey Lu, Jenifer, Julie

They had a B-Boy dance performance, but the freestyle session later was much better. Then it was time for food. Was starving like hell coz I skipped lunch for the buffet :P Grabbed everything I could into the plate.

Little did i know that except for the shark fin soup, everything else pretty much sucked. I had better food eating at mamak stalls.

There was a special T-Shirt signed by everyone who came to the Nite that was up for grabs, anyone who can correctly interpret the meaning of Myosotis can take it home. (it's French for "forget me not", thus the theme for the Nite). I went to the gents during the "bidding", and by the time I came back it already belonged to Kim Hock. Damn......the T-Shirt damn sentimental lah...I want......

The games session was ok, but the MC kept making Jacky Wu jokes which some I couldn't get. Jen's group also won, and I also got a small prize from the lucky draw.

playing games

nearing the end of the Nite...

Overall, the Nite was OK la, certainly not worth the RM70 for the food, but for a whole course gathering, nothing is better than this. Definitely a night to remember.

More pics in my Friendster account.

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