Sunday, April 23, 2006

Just a thought at wedding

2 weeks ago during the mamak session I had this conversation with my friend from secondary...we were having a discussions about whether weddings should be held by having a big dinner (the typical Chinese wedding) or just having a simple affair. Taking into account the cost of living, the dude preferred to have his wedding as a buffet with some close relatives. I had the same thought.

You know how the typical Chinese wedding ceremony play out right? Big restaurants, noisy music, lots and lots of relatives and cousins from both sides of the parents some of whom you hardly know or recognize, the late guests arrivals, and that annoying woman (the Tai Kam Cheh) who keeps talking and talking and dunno when to shut up as though she was the main attraction of the night instead of the bride and groom....

Yeah, that kind of wedding is not my type......

For me, a small and simple ceremony with some very close friends and relatives is all I ask for...not too high mom, on the other hand, would like to invite a lot of relatives and friends, but without the Tai Kam Cheh of course.

I read in the papers there's this couple in Singapore who spend like RM700,000 on their wedding. SIAO! That kind of money can buy a bungalow liao! If they are super rich then I got nothing to say-lah, who cares right......but for normal people this is already an astronomical sum.

A few of my former colleagues were also married, some for 2 years already, and they still haven't have a proper ceremony yet because of financial problem. Mind you, both husband and wife are high income software engineers.

IMO, wedding is just a ceremony to celebrate the joy and wonder of marriage, but it doesn't need to be exaggerated. A lot of things can be simple, especially in times like these where everything is going up in price except the very thing that you rely on: Your salary.

It seems weird to talk about marriage and wedding at this point in my life, but hey, it's just a thought.

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