Thursday, July 13, 2006

Prophecies, Footballs, Rains

Listening To: Theory Of A Deadman "Santa Monica"

This is a really nice "break up" song that I'm listening now, can't stop listening that I put it on repeat in Winamp......First heard it on the game Indigo Prophecy, been searching for it since then, and only found it today. Anyone interested, here is the link.


Damn, France lost the World Cup...and Zidane has to retire in an ugly fashion. I was rooting for him the whole tournament, seeing that it's his last football match and the whole retirement thing. Alas, he just had to end it in a way that was similar with what Beckham did in 1998.

Fucker Materazzi...he got away with a racial slur and Zidane got sent out instead!

Everybody says that the Italians were playing foul and cheating for all their matches, now it seems true to me......


Was surfing Gamespot and reading an article on the Uncanny Valley when I came across this game. Heavy Rain, developed by Quantic Dream for PS3, XBox 360 and PC. These are the same guys responsible for Indigo Prophecy, my favourite game last year. The E3 tech demo looked mighty impressive. Check out the pic below.

It's not CG, everything is real time...they got real time tears, real time facial muscles, real time object lightning, real time fart (OK I made that up). It's not quite perfect, the lips and hand movement seems awkward, but it's only 20% in development and it's already making headlines. Definitely got potential.

And a IGN's got a video download link. Or stream and watch it on

Quantic Dream's last game had a lasting impression on me, the developers tend to create innovative games with focus on the storyline, and this new one is reportedly a film noir type adventure. My favourite. Only hope that I have a powerful enough PC or PS3 when it comes out in 2008.


Finally submitted the Oracle coursework yesterday, and started a new subject today --- User Interface Design --- it's not as simple as it seems like when we were doing it back in Malaysia. Psychology, sociology, personality types, etc. are all thrown into the mix.

And the course work is like writing a Master's degree's dissertation. Bugger.

I've been here for a month and STILL haven't travel to anywhere interesting outside of Liverpool. Me and the gang are going to Chester this Friday, hope that it will be fun :P

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