Monday, November 20, 2006

Review: Casino Royale

I never really paid much attention to Bond films, but there's a lot of buzz lately about this movie, make me curious only, so got myself to watch it yesterday. And it's safe to say it didn't disappoint.

I thought I was watching the wrong movie when the opening black and white scenes started playing. At least the intro was brief before kicking into the credits accompanied by a rather listenable theme sang by Chris Cornell (of Audioslave). And that signature Bond pose is more creatively handled than the usual walking-into-the-circle routine.

For a Bond film, this one has fewer action scenes compared to the previous incarnations, but when the actions do kick in, it's not some pyrotechnics and CGI explosive mayhem, just good ol' hand to hand action. This is old school Bond. Just check out the opening Parkour chase scene. Bloody terrific. It's just refreshing to see a Bond film without those high tech gadgets. The only thing that comes close to being high tech is probably Bond's GPS-enabled Sony Ericsson.

There's more room for character development and some interesting dialogues in this film, since this is sort of an "origins" story about how 007 become who he is now. You'll know why in later films he likes to flirt and prefers one night stands with women when in this one he is clearly so in love with one. That scene in the shower (he slowly hugs and comforts Vesper while both are wet) is the best scene IMHO. Few dialogues are spoken yet so many emotions evoked.

As for James Bond himself, much has been said about Daniel Craig being the best Bond since Sean Connery. Personally, I haven't seen any 007 film before Goldeneye, so I can't compare. And I was one of those who wished that Clive Owen will get the role after watching those BMW The Hire shorts. But Daniel Craig proved that he definitely has more charisma than Pierce Brosnan. Brosnan has that elegant classy thing, but Craig is more...dark and edgy, plus a better physique (those killer abs...) and those blue eyes that literally glow in the dark. Can you imagine Brosnan doing that chase scene?

Eva Green is quite good as a Bond girl who is mature, elegant and actually never stripped for the benefit of the audience! Me thinks she is hotter when not in makeup...but man, she is hot.....

The villian Le Chiffre (Mads Mikkelsen) actually made me sympathized for him at some point in the movie, oddly......

My only gripe is that the movie's a little long clocking in 2 hours 30 minutes. The poker game alone lasts almost an hour, but it sure has tension and suspense going on.

Overall, this is really a good movie, entertaining and intelligent. After Batman Begins, this is another successful reboot of a fading franchise. I am now actually looking forward to Bond 22. (damn if only all movie sequels are as good as this...)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Start work already!

After two months of procrastinating at home, I finally started working since last Thursday, putting myself in the competitive workfield, of dirty office politics and climbing up corporate ladders.

Well, not really lah, I'm just being "dramatic". But from now on I gotta start working my arse off to prove that I am worth every penny that I was paid for.

For the moment, there's still nothing I can do, so they put me into reading some documents to familiarize with the works and guidelines and whatnots. I tell ya mate, reading non stop on a CRT monitor can really hurt the eyes, not to mention making me so goddamn sleepy. :P

And the team members all stayed back to work until late, make me pai seh only going back home at 8.00pm even when official work hour is 2 hours earlier.

Met some new people, and surprisingly there are quite a few from TARC, a bit unexpected lah. The new recruits are gonna hang out next week at some shopping complex, no harm tagging along and getting to know them better.

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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Bond, anyone?

Saw the Opening Night for Casino Royale, and I have to say that the exclusive opening scene was quite good, the pursuit showcased a practitioner of Parkour and Bond's old school resourcefulness and quick thinking...should be worth watching......

Daniel Craig may not be as suave as Pierce Brosnan, but he sure has a hot bod... :P

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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Jobs Jobs Jobs

The interview at Singapore went smoothly, a wee bit better then the one in KL...however, I was damn pai seh coz didn't able to answer some programming questions from the chief solutions architect (now that's a hot title!)...not bad lah, at least they let me claimed for transport......

That was Wednesday.

Today, went to college with Standlye, Julie and Jess to meet and catch up Jennie from LJMU and also to provide "support" for her presentation...hehe, finally knew what it's like being a senior where everyone is eager to get answers from you :P

Then, got a call halfway from the first company, and......



Can't believe I got myself employed at a respectable company! Note to self: belanja Auntie Annie makan. Must work hard to prove that I'm worth the salary.

Later, hang out with Standlye and Jess at KLCC before leaving to discuss the job offer with the employer. If everything goes smoothly, I shall be able to start work next week.

Damn nervous just thinking about it......Guess I have just a few days left to goyang kaki before stepping into the work field... :P

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Monday, November 06, 2006


Went for the second interview on Friday, it was a test actually. The English test I think I can do, the maths test I didn't finish the last five question, not enough time, and the diagram test was hell after question no.3.

Didn't dare say I fared well in the test, but getting called for the test at least gave me some hope.

And just when I was down contemplating about my performance for the test, the company from Singapore called for an interview this week. Thanks JH for your recommendation!

TARC is gonna held a career fair starting from this Wednesday to Friday...suffice to say gonna try me luck there.

* * * * *

JZ was hospitalized last week but recovered few days ago. Stay healthy bro!

Oh yeah, I just took off the tag board in case anyone's asking, coz' those bloody spam messages just keep popping up and I'm too lazy to fix it.

And adding some Technorahti tags just for the heck of it......

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