Thursday, December 21, 2006

Ranting again...

Yay, almost 3 weeks from another post. I really have no time to blog nowadays, let alone read a decent paper. Working life is hectic, I literally am in the office for almost 12 hours a day.

Wake up at 7, rush to the LRT to squeeze with other passengers, reach office, warm the chair and programming til' noon, lunch, and warm the chair again til' late evening. go back home, eat, bath, sleep.

Repeat 5 times per week. SIEN.

I never thought that the weekends now seem so much more important than ever before, coz' I get to sleep til' noon like nobody's business.

Anyway, here's the things done for the past 3 weeks:

  • Finally moved into Menara Alpha.
  • Met and had a short chat with Jo Wen the next day while going to work in the morning.
  • Watched clerks II, which despite its rather explicit and offensive joke, is rather entertaining and would be one of the funniest comedies I've seen in a long time.
  • Next is Borat, just wanted to see what's the hype about and if it's really that funny.
  • Watched Lucky Number Slevin, continued from halfway on the plane while on the trip back to Malaysia a few months ago.
  • Went to KLCC to watch Cicak-Man with Alex.
  • Attended the IT Department year end dinner in the company, in which I got slapped with shaving foam all over my face during the game session. Luckily my team won the "shaving" contest (kudos to my partner Yenny for being quick and reflexive).
  • Paid the graduation ceremony fees to the local LJMU correspondence.
  • Met Laura for the first time, chatted for 3 hours plus. :P She's got this bubbly yet carefree attitude. Nice.

Other than that, it was work, work and more work. Looking forward to the new year, coz' a big project's coming in next year.

Wait...looking forward to a big project? Who the fuck am I kidding?!

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Review: Cicak-Man

Went to see this movie last week, coz' the trailer was rather entertaining. Alas, the "experience" is what I would call "fooled-by-the-trailer" syndrome.

It turns out the action sequence in the trailer was the ONLY action sequence in the entire movie. FUCK.

There is a plot initially, but it's so thin. The concept is okay, but the way it's executed is really bad. Do you really need to insert lame jokes and Senario comedy into a superhero movie?

It doesn't help too that the acting is wooden and the love chemistry is almost non-existent. And the dialogues...bloody cliche dialogue spoken so cornily by the actors. I wonder how they keep themselves from laughing when reciting their lines...

With a Spider-Man like plot, Daredevil resembling costume (Saiful face looks even more skeletal in the mask), Aznil Nawawi impersonating The Riddler and the Joker but annoying as hell to the max, and the Matrix's twins, it's got copycat written all over it. Well at least the twins are sometimes entertainingly funny. ("Tengok, tengok apa? Mau curi?!")

I seem to be biased, but I'll give Yusry credit for the subtle satire sprinkled throughout the movie, at least he's attempting to say something, which I think will most probably went through most people's head. Commentaries include the train station announcements, and the clones' skip-beat track antics is such an obvious stab at piracy. I dun understand how people can laugh at Senario type lame jokes but missed the satire, which IMO is so much more funnier. If Yusry can attempt some satire, how did the end product become so trashy? It's possible that he's directing the whole movie so badly intentionally as a parody itself, but I seriously doubt that.

At least the CG is done competently, but the need for a fictional city seems superficial. KL not good enough ah?

The saving grace comes in the form of Jalaludin Hassan's cameo as the mayor type character. But the funniest still has got to be the newspaper jokes everytime Cicak-Man does some good deeds.

Let's hope for a better sequel if (God forbid) there's ever one.

RATING: 2 out of 5

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Saturday, December 02, 2006

talking cocks...

ANOTHER 2 weeks since the last posting...damn it, how I wish I could blog every day or every 2 days just like during college.

I don't know is it because of the lack of time since working (I haven't read the papers in a week) or is it because there's nothing worthy to blog about. Of course, this is all perspective. My nothing worthy could be someone's story of a lifetime. I wanted to get political and start lambasting (is that a word?) and complaining the current state of affairs in the country, but visiting Jeff Ooi is enough already. Maybe the next post.

I dunno what I'm saying now, my English has been pretty rusty lately.

Ok, the update. I now work in KL but am still staying in my hometown Nilai. Everyday I gotta wake up at 6am, take the 7am train, and reach office at 8.30am. The job requires me to stay back till at least 8pm...well, doing IT is like that lah. So I take the KTM again and when I get back home it's 10pm already. Mandi, makan, TV for maybe half an hour and then sleep. Repeat cycle for 5 days.

And this is only the first 2 weeks. Later when project comes...maybe it's going to be a 7 day work.


And my assignment in office...the exercise needs 3 days to complete. It's been a week and I'm only 50% done. I AM FREAKING SLOW OKAY.....

The job's pay is good, and there's good learning opportunity about banking stuff. But I don't think using dated technology is going to help me learn new things.


I don't wanna sound like I'm whining, coz' there's a 99% chance that all my friends are going through the same thing. Maybe because this is my first real job after graduated (my only other work experience comes from the industrial training).

Luckily starting tomorrow I'm gonna move in to Wangsa Maju with my bro, well now at least I get to sleep one more hour everyday, and cut down on travelling time by about 75 minutes. And with no ASTRO as distraction, maybe reading the papers at night can get me updated.

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