Tuesday, February 27, 2007

It's been a while

Another 26 days gone, really got no time to blog and just being lazy all this while.

Well, not enough time is just an excuse, I'm just lazy.

It seems like few of my recent posts I've been doing recaps instead of the usual topic-ed post like movie reviewing or recalling a trip...how lame of that......


Got a surprise phone call from Anna and Josephine in Liverpool (forgot which day), which was rather pleasant getting some updates about them and other former mates.


Chinese New Year was okay, went to Port Dickson and overnight at one of the condo there. Just spending time with the cousins and played some games and gambled, which I lost RM10. :P
Too bad I got hit with a bad flu for 3 days, almost gone sick. That's probably the only worse part in an otherwise enjoyable 9 days holiday.

After 9 days away without work (I took 3 days leave for CNY), I'm back in the office typing away at the keyboard answering mails from Japan and doing amendments and testing, all the while consulting with my sifu before making every crucial move. What would I do without her......but she's on night shift next week, so I'm on my own. T_T

Oh, we have a new colleague in the team, who I thought looked a bit like Daniel Craig. And by a bit I mean just a wee bit and vague resemblance...maybe it's just me...... :P


My biggest regret so far is that I missed the Muse concert in Stadium Negara on 25th Feb 2007. XJ had a friend working in one of those TicketAxess places, and she promised to get me tics at discount price, but still it sold out like hot cakes. (no worries XJ, there's always next time :P)

When word came out that the tics was all SOLD OUT, I was so numbfucked I went and bought their latest album Black Holes And Revelations....to "quench my thirst" I guess. And to sample their songs. Truth be told, I'm only familiar with "Time Is Running Out".

The songs are quite varied in genres and styles, some of them not very mainstream stuff, but good music overall. My favs include "Starlight", Supermassive Black Hole", "Map Of The Problematique", "Exo-Politic", and of course the incredible album closer "Knights of Cydonia". Even the title reeks of awesomeness.

Oh well, at least Synical attended the gig, and I can read her review of it.


Oh man, I so wanted to blog about the movies I watched during CNY, but it's so late now...maybe on the next post.

My posts are getting more and more disoriented and unorganized. Writing skills also berkarat already. Damn it.

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