Wednesday, October 17, 2007

90 days

3 months.

3. Freaking. Months.

Without a post.

Even I couldn't believe it.

That is so not me...

The past 90 days has been a helluva ride for me...stuck in program-dom with high pressure customer chasers and getting a mouthful from the seniors.

Why the fuck got so many production problem....kanasai......

It ain't fun working more than 12 hours a day ok...the body can only take so much.

It didn't help that the wireless connection in my home was and still is shaky...had to resort to jacking other people's wireless network to go online or it's a trip to T-Bun.

Which is one of the reason this blog was "vacant" for 3 months. That, and I DON'T HAVE FREAKING TIME.

I need extra 8 hours a day...just to go back home and relax and do my stuff......

Not working til 11pm every goddamn day and only have time for papers and supper and sleep.

I know complaining ain't helping...and a whole lot of people has been through that...and with the constant mantra "The first 2 years of work is the most critical" and shit...but still.......


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