Monday, June 23, 2008

Hulk 2.0

Friday night was dope.

After work, went to catch ' The Incredible Hulk' with Ryan and the gang. Was a bit late when we left office to catch the train and get to 1U, but made it in time to catch all the trailers. Heh.

Overall the movie was not bad. I wouldn't have so much interest if Edward Norton wasn't in it. I still think the Ang Lee version was more epic and had more scope and emotions (I'm a sucker for originality and bold moves).

Anyway, this one definitely had more action sequences. But 2003's Hulk had a more powerful Hulk. At least that one can leap 3 miles in a single jump...hahaha......I think only the campus fight was well done. The final battle was...just 2 CGI monsters clashing. At least it was executed competently lah, without those Michael Bay-styled fast cuts.

After the movie, went to SS2 Murni for supper. And chit chatted for almost an hour before going back home, which, at that time, was almost 3am......

Aih, sleeping late again......

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