Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The epitome of laziness

Listening to: Five For Fighting "100 Years"

Finally, after doing nothing for the whole day and spending countless hours in front of the monitor reading blogs and friendstering and watching those silly Taiwanese variety shows til late 1 AM, and still hegeh-hegeh entah buat apa instead of rushing the deliverables for supervisor inspection......I DOZED OFF at 3.30 AM!!! mwahahahaaha!!!! Then wake up at 7.30 AM baru wanna rush the structure charts and cost benefit analysis !!! Then spend roughly 2 hrs C & P the whole thing from previous assignments...talk about lazy......


Why am I doing this? I know I should finish my job ASAP so that I can relax...but the temptation of the Internet seems to be pulling me......I guess I dun hv any will power whatsoever...... :(

Let's hope that this will never happen to me again.

Fat chance.

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