Monday, October 17, 2005

Sunday morning

it's been a week since my last update, coz i was busy with the that the initial testing's over, all's left is some improvement on the system and preparation for the documentation draft. My estimate is that it's gonna take me at least 1 week working non stop. But anybody who knows me knows that I won't start til the last minute......

Went to the newly opened Jaya Jusco in Seremban 2 with my family and neighbours just to check out the place. All 16 of us packed into 2 Toyota about cramming. Anyway, the place was still new, and quite small compared with the one in Wangsa Maju which I'm used to go to, but at least it has a cineplex. (TGV, with only 5 cinemas...but the seats were surprisingly comfy)

Me and Alex went to catch a moive, only because dad and mom and the auntie uncles are busy in the feng shui shop and showhouses and I'll be bored to death there. And I also haven't went to the cinemas since Revenge of the Sith. Watched The Transporter 2, nice movie, ridiculously impossible but great action scenes, minimum to almost non-existent plot, a villain who has great Brylcreem hair with a sidekick lover assassin who walks around only in lingerie (woo hoo!!! me the pervert...) while double wielding Uzis...and best of all, the mere presence of Jason Statham, who's so uber cool he could beat Bond hands down when it comes to suaveness.

One more thing: I haven't had a good night's sleep since 3 weeks ago because of the project, getting in bed at 3-4am and waking up at 11-12pm the next day. I'm sick of this kind of life, yet no noticeable flu or sickness. Now after 1 day in hometown, my usual once-in-every-two-month flu attack strikes again. Talk about coincidence......

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