Tuesday, November 22, 2005


My day has not gone well.

Yesterday's DCS mid-term test was a failure. I didn't manage to study much and turns out that I can only answer question 1......which means i have already failed my DCS mid-term test.....

Yesterday already damn jia-lat, today lagi suey. Dunno what the hell is wrong, since i came back from college i had stomach-ache the WHOLE GOD DAMN DAY. Slept in the noon after class, but the pain still haven't go away. Went and lao-sai for about 6,7 times, i dunno, didn't keep track...and after that vomit out my lunch...took me 3 attempts to get the shits outta my throat, YUCKS......dont' even know what's the cause...bought some stomach-ache pills and some Eno to tahan for a while, if tomorrow still like this then gonna go c doctor liao...

I am now in agonizing pain......fuck.

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