Monday, December 12, 2005

2 in 1

Attended the drama workshop held by the famed Pearly "Emily of Emerald Hill" Chua and Mr. Chin San Sooi......witnessed a 2 hour monologue performance of Pearly and damn, was she good!
Didn't get her autograph or a picture though, the DC is still with my bro......

Then in the evening went to DK A for the "Unplugged Song Competition 2005" coz' Lysha and Chrystal got an extra ticket. Bought it for RM8.50 and I can say that it is indeed money well spent. Thanks guys!

Call "unplugged" but the whole place is wired, even the musical equipment. 2 complaints: how come the drums are so loud that the guitar solos are almost muted? and how come superb bands all have mediocre vocalists? damn, ruined the whole experience....

Some of the songs were quite the crowd puller...the bands do know how to pick their songs......There were some surprises as some of my all time favs were played, namely "Sweet Child O'Mine", "Desperado", "Nuo Wei De Sen Lin", "Belaian Jiwa", "What's Up". Damn syiok, like James Blunt puts it, "I was fucking high".............

That was yesterday. Today, went to KLCC to catch "The Chronicles of Narnia". I had high expectations for it, but it didn't thrilled me as much. Still, it was a good movie. Go watch it people!!!

Pardon me as I engage in my self-indulging movie review session again.

The first few scenes in Narnia were quite detailed in explanation and getting the fascination factor out. But then the middle of the movie tends to drag a bit. You know, all those mandatory exposition stuff, but not handled as careful and delicate as LOTR. Still, you can't compare these two. It's like comparing Terminator 2 with some Jackie Chan movie.

The CG boleh tahan lah, but there's still some minor glitches during the battle scene. People, if you are only looking for grand scale battles, go buy the LOTR DVDs, this you have to endure 100 minutes of story telling before getting to the climax. The story feels rushed, and some scenes are just simply carried without exploring much.

The children are cute, but inconsistent in acting. Good, but not excellent. The only interesting character happens to be Mr. Tumnus the faun (James McAvoy), creating a memorable, sympathetic and multifaceted character in a brief time. No surprise that I like him so much.

After the movie, went to have lunch at Burger King with Frankie and Melvin......and then went back to the hostel to continue slacking...finished my part of the network assignment and sent to Lysha fo combining.

Then began blog. then finish blog. Now wanna sleep. How boring......

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