Wednesday, December 07, 2005


it's been a week since my last update, so i'll be quick. Some interesting tidbits:

--> I just realized i may develop RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) in my thirties if the rate of surfing and typing on keyboard continues.

--> Finished playing Indigo Prophecy. A damn good game with a damn great story. It's been a while since i played a game with a plot this good. Adventure gamers should give it a try.

--> Bought The Matrix: Path of Neo. Beat it in 3 days. The ending sequence was bizarre. Slow-mo action had never been this good. But the graphics were horri-fucking-ble.

--> Finally watched Total Recall. I've been wanting to watch that movie, but everytime was intefered by other factors.

--> Finished the design document for Multimedia assignment. Now the REAL nightmare begins.

--> Some people really don't like sharing their assignments, and some people still like "borrowing" other peoples' assignments even if they barely know the person. Gotta be careful about that......

--> Found out that Ms. Simone can speak Cockney. So far, she also demonstrated perfect imitations of Southern accent and Manglish accent. Talented linguist indeed. (although the Manglish is natural born i think LOL)

--> Some people still pronounce Julius Caesar as "Ju-lies Kay-ser". Funny.

And speaking of Julius Caesar, went to KLPac again to watch the play. The tickets were free, courtesy of KLPac, or TARC, or Ms. Simone, or whoever also can as long as I get free tix. went there with Chuan Yik, Frankie and Alvin. I doubt they will go if the tix weren't FOC.

Official poster

Damn like this pic. So classy and cool. Image courtesy of KLPac

on the way to KLPac and nothing better to do...

Got a call from mom when I reached the center. Apparently my bro got a letter from hostel management for something indecent. I'm quite worried whether he can continue his stay in the hostel after this. Will address this matter to him soon.

Anyway, the set was real mimimalist, compared to the stage design for Pygmalion. It's just a simple stage with some steps, that's all. Have a look.

Then they keep playing these haunting music before the show starts. Feels like watching a horror movie more than a political-themed play. The good thing is the sound system is REALLY REALLY good, almost on par with the THX in cinemas.

Then the show starts. All these supposedly Roman people come out talking something real important but I don't know what the hell they are talking about coz' the English is damn high class one. 30 minutes into the play and I'm still blur like sotong. But I reckon it's something to do with political scandals, assassination plots and the likes. Guys, if you don't like long talky affairs, skip this one.

and why the bloody hell didn't they wear those traditional Roman long robes with the flowery headbands? Instead, everyone -- except for the female characters -- dresses like a cross between a Jedi and Mr.Spock with pasar malam sandals......

Well, at least the cast are solid in the acting department. Not a weak performance to be found in the 90 minute play. Samantha Schubert (a former Miss Malaysia i think) is memorable as Brutus' wife. Kennie Dowle as Caesar is intense. Ari Ratos as Brutus and Patrick Teoh as Cassius are both damn perfect. Ari who is "spitting out" the dialogues, literally.

and Gavin Yap as Marc Antony. Wow.

"Friends, Romans, countrymen; lend me your ears..." That 15 minute monologue after Caesar's death is just BRILLIANT. god damn......

Overall, good actings and great sound effect, but a bit dull and boring during the lengthy dialogue exchange. I'll pick Pygmalion for the simplicity in story, but Julius Caesar for the acting.

Another day spent without touching the assignments. Damn. It's 3 am now, gotta sleep. Chiow.

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