Saturday, December 10, 2005

i hate myself

Listening To: Foo Fighters "Everlong"

I would like to congratulate myself for Wikisurfing for the past 7 hours.

Yes, you read it right. 7 goddamn hours. Did nothing substantial or rewarding but clicking on links here and there on Wikipedia before typing what I'm typing now. I have this thirst to know everything even if it is useless stuff. Instead of researching for network companies and products, or trying the in and outs of Flash MX, or drawing crazy colla-fucking-boration diagrams, or even just reading Pygmalion and a Streetcar Named Desire, I have spent 7 (8 if you count the next hour blogging) hours on "reading" my 3 banes: movies, music and pop culture.

Right now, my eyes are damn tired, fingers strained, and getting sleepy. It's like getting addicted to drugs, only with hyperlinks. Another day spent fruitlessly.

For this I blame myself. No one else. I should be aware. I am, 21, after all.

Still I have to say: Damn you, Wikipedia.

Assignments pending:
  1. OOSAD assignment 2. The tutorials are not looking good. Everyone in class is reluctant to try out the questions, save for a few people. At this rate, we're sure to fail the subject.
  2. Java assignment. Until now still have no idea about server-client bullshits.
  3. Drama presentation. 3 out of 5 group members seldom attend lecture. Hope they understand the story. Some reluctant to act. Damn.
  4. Network assignments 1 and 2. Same siao subject.
  5. Flash assignment. Kanasai, langsung dunno how to do......

I'm goin' straight to hell.

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