Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Recipe for Wantans

What's it like having a flu? I'll tell u what's it like...I'm the expert on this subject ya know, the self proclaimed "King of Flu", no less because every month the flu will attack me at least once. Usually the condition will last for 2 to 3 days, depending on my health, during which at least 2 boxes of tissues will be gone.

It's like having women's period, only with tissues instead of tampons.

Sorry, I'm being extremely vulgar right now. Sometimes parodying can go too far......

I woke up this morning only with some slight headache and sneezing...thought it was nothing, u know, like everytime wake up sure got sneezing one mah, normal la, must be because I'm naked the night before (upper body only, what u think?)......but then in the tutorial class the flu came again.

So I started doing what I do best during these suffocating moments: making wantans.

It's really easy. Just fold the tissues into two and start sneezing out your nasal mucus. Sometimes digging the nose also helps. Repeat with remaining parts of tissue until the whole piece is almost full of those fluids. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT sneeze once and change tissue. It will not contain enough "fillings" and the desired shape will not form. Plus, it's a waste of rainforests. Lastly, just wrap into whatever shape desired, it's your wantan anyway.

If you're in the class, proudly display all your wantans on your desk, like I do whenever I have the urge to show off my recipe...this will be followed by some form of facial emotions from your fellow classmates ranging from awe-inspiring "Wows" to pure disgust.

I usually prefer to see the latter.

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