Sunday, January 01, 2006


I just came back from the countdown party in Sg Wang. As usual, the spray can and everything was all over me...but this was the first time in my college life that I went to a New Year's Eve countdown. The countdown was okay la, not too bad...but didn't manage to catch much of what's happening there. The whole street between Lot 10 and Sg Wang Plaza was crowded. Crazy......

Well, 2005 is over. Just like that. One minute you're thinking how come your internship haven't finish yet; The next minute it's 1st January 2006 already. Time really flies by when you get older. :P

Still got lots of things not accomplished yet...this is why I don't set any new year's resolution, coz I know I will not be able to achieve it. Too much distraction. But this year marked my beginning into adulthood. 21 is such a big number. So I will try to at least come up with some resolutions and hopefully can achieve it lah.

Here goes:
  1. Spend more time with my family before heading for LJMU. The last 2 semester was so damn hectic I hardly went back home.
  2. Be more hardworking. I've been slacking for the past six months because of the wireless Internet I installed in June. Can't act like that if wanna study Masters course.
  3. Learn to cook. Crucial for studying in the UK.
  4. Learn to speak Hainanese. My father's mother tongue...I can hardly understand my grandpa, it's time to brush up some language skills.
  5. Get rid of the spare tyres on my waist. Been talking about that since 2001. But food has always been my bane......
  6. Read! Seldom read, that's why otak karat......Da Vinci Code!!! Fight Club!!!
  7. Get a girl and get laid.
  8. Fully cherish the experience in UK......
  9. Be more thankful to everyone.
That's about it. Hope that I can at least fulfill some of it lah......but if not achieving all the resolutions, then it defeats the initial purpose of making one. Fuck, I'm contradicting myself again.

oh yeah, resolution no.10: Use less "Fuck" words.

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