Friday, January 06, 2006

Everything is just not right

don't know why I've been down for the past 2 days...maybe it's the completion of the Flash assignment...the dread of having to present to Mr. Stephen Tang is just very haunting......

fucked up my mid term test for DCS, have to do make good test.

fucked up my report for Drama, been accused of plagiarising coz some dumb ass group member gave me their goddamn part copied and pasted from Internet.

fucked up the Flash assignment, the whole thing was a mess and incosistent.

fucked up my presentation for Multimedia Technology, went in late and been crushed and destroyed by Mr. Stephen "I don't like playing merry go round" Tang.


I wasn't like this during the diploma years and advance diploma 1st year...don't know why the results are dereriorating and the motivation for studying has gone down the drain......

the older i am, the lazier i get.
the nearer the deadline for assignments, the more i slack.
the harder the programming language, the more i avoid.

I'm a total mess.

I got no one else to blame but myself.

Wait...oh yeah...i blame the course for transferring me to another class since this semester.

working with less familiar people from other class just isn't the same like working with ur teammates which you've known for 3 years. The ethusiasm and energy just gone coz u don't get to know them very much.

and even after you do get to know them, you discover that they actually skip class most of the time, don't know doing what at that how to discuss assignments let alone actually start doing assignments......

so damn sien.

so damn angry.

so damn frustrated.

it's the final semester already, the attitude still ain't changed yet, sure can't survive in the outside world.

still got lots of things to do...gotta brush up on networking and DCS, gotta read the whole drama stories......still got the 2005 review to blog and the ISE graduation night to blog about......

it's 4.17am and i don't even know why the fuck i bother to blog when i am so sleepy and there's class tomorrow morning.

dunno what to say liao...i'm outta here......

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