Saturday, January 14, 2006

Last Day

Listening To: Jamal Abdillah & Siti Sarah "Sandarkan Pada Kenangan"

Everyone was taking pictures in the college today. It's like a cam fest :P forgot to bring my camera, my roommate borrowed it anyway, or else would have snapped away like crazy also.

My Multimedia Technology tutor Mr. Stephen Tang was a target for cam freaks, the whole course was flooding to take a pic with him...guess he's pretty popular...I didn't stay long for the photoshoots, coz was rushing to submit the JMU application form. Now all I have to do is wait for the offer letter, then I'll have to go through all the necessary procedures, getting visas, health checks, plane ticket bookings.......aih, damn busy......

It only occurred to me after leaving the lecture hall that today is my last day at college.

No more lectures, no more tutorials. The next month will be studying and studying for the final exams.

Wow, it's been 4 years already (3 1/2 years if you don't count the holidays). Time flies really damn fast when you get older. Well, at least that's how I feel. Everything seems to be going at light speed during college years without me realizing it.

Looking back, I guess my college life is pretty OK. Nothing major happened, I'm not very active in clubs, I seldom go clubbing, I NEVER smoked, tried some booze...heck, I don't even often go out hanging out at malls.

OK, I guess my college life IS RATHER BORING, but at least I have respectable academic results, not to mention knowing a bunch of cool and happening people during these 4 years.

Some lecturers are great, some are boring. Some students are all rounders, some are just programming nerds, but all are influential in my life.

Thank you, everyone, for everything that you guys have done. (goddamn, I'm being dramatic here :P)

I'm gonna miss college.

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