Wednesday, January 11, 2006

StreetRoar Independent Music Festival 2006

Was flipping the papers on Friday when I noticed the ad for this indie music fest. It's quite near, held at the KLPac, so thought of going there to enjoy some music, nothing to do on Saturday called up Frankie and asked Jen to go too...Jen didn't have high hopes coz the list of performers weren't indie asked Lysha to accompany, since she's a rock fan also......

Actually the event started at 3pm with some experimental art and sound performance, but we skipped that. After dinner with Lysha and Frankie at Genting Klang, went to the venue at around 8pm. The grass was wet and muddy czo of the rain. We missed the first two performance by local indie bands Whitelight and Deng Deng. Was watching the 3rd band, Dzap Dau Dau (Hong Kong) performing when suddenly saw Chin Keong was also there.

Whoo hoo! Another live music kaki!

noticed Chin Keong behind?

with Lysha at front row

We squeezed to the front row for better view and maximum noise :P Some thoughts about the performers that followed:

Citizens of IceCream
They perform only instrumentals with no vocals. Their sound was highly experimental and ethereal, with lots of effects too. It's like travelling into space when you first listen, quite relaxing if you like this sort of thing. My first thought was it's like a blend between early Radiohead and Sigur Ros. Cool to have a Malaysian band doing Sigur Ros. A check on the sponsor's website confirmed they are indeed heavily influence by both bands.

* My observation quite accurate leh :P *

Kazumasa Hashimoto
There were technical problems when he got on stage, tinkering with his Mac all the time, dunno what he's doing with it. The guitar performance was seriously bad coz he sings so soft. But the piano performance redeemed it, it's very new age and very relaxing. Enya stuff.

False Alarm
This Hong Kong band gave the best performance in terms of showmanship, bringing out the crowd and generating much energy after some moody performances. Everyone in the crowd was high. The lyrics are typical teenage and punk stuff reminiscent of Blink 182. Great solo riffs from the lead guitarist, they really rocked the stage.

I almost wanted to buy their album at one of the stalls, but RM35......

the vocalist looks suspiciously like my tutor Mr. Beh...freaky.

Heavy, hardcore metal stuff from this Malaysian band. Don't have an idea what the guy is howling about. The songs seem all the same to me. Although the lyrics are socially-conscious reflecting on the country's state, the band leader seems to have a political agenda when he gave a monologue that was quite racist in nature to me. There were also Malays in the audience leh...What's even more disturbing is that the crowd approves of his speech.

I go there to enjoy the music la, not to hear about racial tensions and the shits...I wonder if there is indeed an agenda when the sponsors (Tigerbeer) mention in the papers that the concert is for non-Muslims only......

Taiwan's underground ska and funk band, 2 guys and 2 girls. The drum was powerful, the bass funky, guitar work was strong, and they even had a flamenco and Latin session. Groovy......The lead guitarist (Below, who looks and dresses a bit like Kien Aik) was reportedly also Taiwan's best. One of the better bands that night.

China's version of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. The female lead vocalist was screaming and jumping throughout the whole performance, with lungs that could put LP's Chester to shame. Musically it was progressive rock and alternative stuff. Didn't catch much of their performance coz we went away for rest.

The Observatory
From Singapore. The only band that has clear indication of what they actually singing. A little bit of Coldplay in their music. But most of the time it's got a pop rock feel, yet retaining that indie sound.

Well, it was certainly worth it, the entrance was free anyway. Lots of good music from the indie and underground scene with enough diversity. Looking forward to the next StreetRoar (or RTW for that matter).

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