Sunday, February 19, 2006

6 hours ago......

It's been another one week since my last post......for those in the dark, I've already checked out from the college point staying there since the exams are over and no place to hang out...I am now officially (I think) a graduate (but that would change after I go to Liverpool this June :P) temporarily I am not a student I get to shake my legs at home...hahaha...

I've not been online for almost a week, thanks to the 56k connection at home which is so bloody slow and makes uploading pics, blogging and even casual email checking a fact, right now, I am typing out this blog entry on my bro's PC using Notepad and then paste into the Blogger typepad just to save on Internet usage charges......

so now what do I do everyday? relek la , apa lagi? After all, it's been nearly 15 years that we've been studying, I guess it isn't much to ask for a month worth of slacking off is it? There are some friends who have already got themselves some steady jobs, but not me...maybe a part time job starting next month, but who knows......

Anyway, my life now is pathetically revolving the big square box sitting in the living room...the daily doses of endless sitcom reruns on STAR World and AXN programmes is what my life is all about right now...getting to watch those shows that I missed for the past 8 months...I tell u man, back to back episodes of LOST and 24 just gets your adrenaline pumping......I just hope this couch potato habit won't last long, coz' my waistline is getting bigger by the day......

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Last subject, yet......

I have a confession to make. It's going to be my last exam paper tomorrow, yet here I am, back from dinner, sitting my lazy ass in front of the monitor, casually surfing some sites that I probably shouldn't be surfing, and has yet to finish revision for Network Management.


It's going to be a battlefield tonight. Most probably Defintely I will not be sleeping, save for a half hour nap maybe, and will spend the rest of the night struggling to keep my eyes open reading something that I don't understand even after studying for the whole semester.

Then, in the morning, breakfast will be some coffee or Nescafe and some biscuit before heading into exam carrying a half dead body.

In fact, this has been my lifestyle for the past 4 subjects. Everynight before exam day sure will not sleep one, last minute only study.

One last paper and I will graduate, yet with an attitude like this I doubt it will take me anywhere. Some of my friends think I'm hardworking. Actually I'm the total opposite of that.

I'm probably the laziest person in all of ISE. Probably in all of college, even.

The strangest thing is that despite my lazy effort, I still managed to answer the questions in the past 4 subjects. Maybe I won't get all A's lah, coz some marks are definitely gone, but I'm confident I will at least pass. I don't know whether I am just cocky and arrogant or just plain stupid and pathetic.

I think I'm more of the latter.

You know what's the scariest? I know that this is a bad habit, but I'm enjoying it. It's just disturbing to think that I have this kind of mindset. A total lack of motivation to study or do anything. I've been contemplating whether I'm living a totally meaningless existence.


Monday, February 06, 2006

Can't study lah!!!

Whoa, it's been more than a week since my last post......the Chinese New Year celebration back in Nilai was okay for me, I'll blog about it later. Can't do it now, got a few pics that I want to upload, takes too much time, and I can't waste time coz I'm studying now for the Distributed Computer Systems exam tomorrow.

Yes, I DID NOT STUDY AT ALL during the whole week off. It was just TV, relaxing and lots of food. I might have gained a few pounds and some flesh around the waist. Damn.

So now I have to cram all 11 chapters of the subject in 2 days' time. Lagi damn.

As I'm typing this, the weather is like, what, 45 Degrees Celcius? It's so damn hot here in KL...if the weather continues like this I dunno how I'm gonna study......

Wish me luck for tomorrow's paper. I'm gonna need lots of it.