Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Tak Syok Lah!

Was surfing in the evening when Mom called. Turns out that she was to be recommended into hospital by Dr. Nazam coz of a sudden rise in blood pressure...thought that she has to be admitted for the night but the docs just asked her to come back tomorrow morning for another round of checking. They still can't diagnosed what's wrong with the high blood pressure......

But she's still weak, constantly feeling drowsy and wanna vomit...best i could do now is look after her and pray that she'll be okay...

Then, few hours later, Standlye called.

Dude said that according to his pals, MAS has withdrew the flights to Manchester within 3 months. Holy fuck.

See...Standlye, Gerlin, Anna and I already booked the flights to Manchester. Now what we supposed to do? Some of Standlye's friends had received phone calls from STA to arrange new flight dates and time, but not us. Yet.

So my dad called our neighbour who was working at MAS and she confirmed the news. Apparently MAS is facing loss in revenue and profits (which is old news, and thus reaffirm the theory that MAS is blah in investment and business, like buying one million riggit paintings to hang at office) so they're forced to withdraw flights. They don't even fly to India.....

Great. Now we have to fly to London (if that's possible) and take a 10 hour coach before arriving at Marybone. Or we change the airline entirely and maybe make a stop at Dubai or Hong Kong or Doha or wherever it is before arriving London. Still troublesome. And tiring.

Until then, it's up to STA and their arrangements.

Stupid MAS.

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