Friday, April 07, 2006


Finally bought The Da Vinci Code at MPH, taking advantage of the one week 20% discount sale. Haven't read it though, coz' I'm still on the last 100 pages of Creating Emotions in Games (borrowed from college library), by a guy named David Freeman who specializes in story writing in games. His techniques of "Emotioneering™" aims to make gamers emotionally involved during gameplay, cool.

Now, whenever I watch a TV series or movie (and playing games, of course), I find myself analyzing the symbols, character traits and dialogues and how they make me involved. It's really neat when you're figuring these tiny details that normally goes over your head without noticing it.

Hey, I'm in the field of programming, who knows one day I'll work on games......

A lttle indulgence here: some games that really touched and made me sad include Broken Sword 3: The Sleeping Dragon, Indigo Prophecy (really cool game) and Final Fantasy IX...

Mom's birthday was yesterday, went to Secret Recipe with Dad to get a marble cheese cake for her, that small cake cost a hefty RM65......what the heck, it's a once in a year thing......

Note to self:
quickly decide which subject to drop for LJMU top-up programme. Aih, real headache problem.

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