Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Graduation 2006

After 4 years in the college, I finally graduated with an Advanced Diploma!


Looking back now, compared to other college freshies, it does feel kinda old...especially when I took the gown last Tuesday and saw loads of new students......

Anyway, the convocation ceremony was actually held on Saturday. I couldn't blog about it until now coz' was busy going here and there with my family.

The ceremony started about 20 minutes late, but no matter coz' not many were attending (most were eyeing for the Campbell ceremony). In fact, only 31 from my course were present......

Then it's the usual stuff lah: marching from the college big shots, scroll receiving, singing 'Negaraku', and the mandatory generic-and-boring-but-media-pleasing-and-inspiring speech from Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting.

Special thanks to Gilbert for being my photographer! thanks man!

I even saw Shi Ling (primary school friend) by accident...of course didn't waste the opportunity to take a shot with the leng lui. :P


Went to Times Square to jalan-jalan with Frankie and Gilbert in the afternoon, then went back home in the evening and had dinner at Seremban 2 at my aunt's house.

On Sunday morning, went to college to buy the photos from Fotorex. Later, along with families of Uncle Somchit, Uncle Ee Chuan and Uncle Owui, went to the area near Asia Jaya to see a Buddhist priest for blessings (said Buddhist priest is the 3rd ranked monk in Thailand).

Monday, back to college again to return the graduation gown and mortar. Went to MidValley in the noon to develop some 300 photos from previous family trips.


I'll be leaving to the UK on this Friday evening, and I'm still packing my stuff. Good luck to me.

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