Monday, June 26, 2006

I conquered them all!

Listening to: Ryan Adams "The Rescue Blues"

Went on a trip to Alton Towers organized by the Uni on Friday (yeah, i'm quite late at blogging) ...It's a theme park located on top some hills (I forgot where) with old, magnificent looking "castles" and it has some truly crazy rides...there's a total of about a dozen rides and stuff, and we got from 11am til 4.30pm to play all we want. But i don't wanna go for kiddies in the end we only got to ride 3 of them, coz those are the most exciting and dangerous...... :P

The first was Oblivion, the world's first vertical drop roller coaster (so claims the signboard)...Almost panicked when it was about to descend into the hole...but turns out the rush was only for about 5 seconds...I queued for almost an hour damn it. But it was good :p

Image courtesy of Adrian

Next is Rita- The Queen of Speed. The unique part of this ride is not in the track and rail design, but like it's name implies, it's fast. DAMN FAST. The rumours say that the pickup speed is 100km/hour in 2 seconds. 2 FREAKIN' SECONDS.

Now that's dope.

Now, Mr. Glyn Hughes, our Object Database lecturer, is an expert in Alton Towers. He practically slept through the Oblivion ride. The guy said that if we don't try out The Nemesis, he's gonna fail our paper. Of course that's a taunt and a challenge. So, we walked and walked and finally found it.

The catch of this ride is that it's surrounded by cliffs and waterfalls, and they are only mere 2 meters away from the rail itself, and the seat is hung below the rail, so it's possible to knock the cliff's edges. I don't have any pictures, was too caught in the moment to grab some, but it sure was fun.

After the 3 rides, I don't think any other roller coasters can impress me anymore.

With the exception, of course, being the legendary 200 meter vertical drop roller coaster in Japan (or is it the US?).

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