Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Finally, after nearly 24 hours of extensive travelling, transit flights, and an hour of coaching, I finally arrived safely in Marybone (the accommodation).

Mom, Dad, friends and family, everyone...I'm fine.

I still don't have wireless Internet access now, I'm typing everything I can remember on Notepad before forgetting the details. Here's the full recap of the past 2 days.

(I'm posting this in the University resource learning centre)

We arrived at KLIA at around 5.15pm while waiting for the travelling agency girl to come brief us and help us check-in at the counter (accidentally saw my Form 3 mate Fadhullah at the counter, but the dude didn't recognize me...). Flight's at 7.30pm, so we grabbed some snacks at McDonald's. Only after the aerotrain ride did Anna remember she left her keys for the chains at the customs corner, so she and Dad rushed back to get it. Had a scare that she almost didn't make it coz' the boarding gate was almost close.

One hour later we were at Singapore Changi Airport (beats the hell out of KLIA, by the way). Went to the transit counter and got the remaining 2 boarding pass for British Airways. Then we sort of just hang around there and surf for a while on the free Intenet kiosk (previous post) before boarding the plane to London at 10.45pm.

p/s: The customs detected a sharp object in my backpack...turned out it was the protractor in my pencil case. They confiscated it and I was blacklisted. FUCK.

13 hours flying in the aeroplane bukan main penat tau...whole body almost cramped...good thing I keep moving and exercising the hands and legs and ass......Luckily the plane had in flight movies, radio stations and games to choose from, or else I'd be bored to death.

Failure To Launch and You, Me and I were average rom-coms, not interested; The Pink Panther is damn stupid, skipped; I watched King Kong already, so no repeats for me; I can't bear to watch a documentary like The March of The Penguins on a plane, so it's a toss up between Match Point and The Matador. In the end I watched The Matador just to enjoy Pierce Brosnan's wonderful performance as a professional assassin who prefers the term "facilitating fatalities" over "killing" or "assassinating". :P

Slept in the plane for about 7 hours uninterrupted, but missed out on some hot kissing actions from 2 parents while their 4 year old daughter is watching.

p/s: The breakfast is quite good (mashed potatoes, eggs in ketchup).

Arrived in London Heathrow Airport at 5am (time difference of 7 hours) but it's already daylight. The sun sets at 10pm and rises at 4.30am, crazy, super jet lag...have to get used to and recover from it......Checked-in at the immigration awaited in the departure hall for another 5 hours before leaving for Manchester. Chit-chat with the gang to pass time, and managed to call Dad from the public pay phone for 30p.

Arrived in Manchester and was greeted by a lecturer and a senior. Took us to Marybone by coach. Checked in at Marybone and was separated from the gang coz the admin staff made some arrangement, so now still negotiating with others to change into the same unit with Gerlin and Anna. Hopefully everything goes well.

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