Sunday, June 18, 2006

MSN scare

Another virus attack.

This morning I was chatting with Alex over MSN when he "sent" me a link with something like this:

check out these pics of us!

(the crossing out is to remove it from being linked, lowering the threat)

Me, being naive and stupid, and wondering how did he post my pic on MySpace, clicked on the link. Firefox prompted for download of an EXE file. Being stupid AGAIN, I downloaded the file and execute it.

Suddenly, the icon disappeared, all my MSN contacts' chat window came flying out, flashing and disappearing, it was as if the comp was going haywire......

Sensing something was not right, I quickly scanned my C: drive, and not surprisingly found some unusual icons, and deleted it.

Then, it hit me -- my comp back in Malaysia also kena already.

I called Alex, spent 3 minute guiding him to delete the same file I found......And then, Anna came crashing into my room, shouting:


And waddaya know, every flatmate and everyone in Marybone with MSN was infected.


I spent some fucking 2 hours trying to repair it, it's done now, my laptop's OK already...but the campus network was temporarily shut down to prevent widespread of the trojan...the IP address wasn't responding, and I had to manually configure and reconfigure until at last I just let it run on auto. Eventually, it was up and running again. Lucky.

Everyone, please be aware: If you're chatting with your mate and then some message came popping up asking you to check out your pics in MySpace, AVOID IT. It's a trojan, worm, virus...whatever the fuck it is, just don't open it. Read this for more details.

If you do unfortunately opened it, go to your C: drive and find some file called "popps.exe" and delete it. End the process first in Task Manager if possible. That worked for me, at least. If that didn't help......then it's bye bye PC. Reformat. End of story.

For the record, I'm not the first one to spread the trojan...Dr. Francis said there was hundreds of chat windows opened prompting him to open the same file...dunno which fucker hacked into our emails......

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