Saturday, July 22, 2006

Ahoy pirates!

Woke up quite late in the morning, had breakfast at about 10.30am. Been thinking about attending the post-graduate fair at JMU, but thought, ah, what the heck, not gonna study Masters anyway, so skipped it......

After that went to Chung Wah supermarket with the gang to buy some two weeks' worth of groceries, mostly instant noodles packs of course (I swear I'm gonna go bloody bald)......

On the way back home, walked past FACT and couldn't resist the temptation anymore, and bought tickets for Pirates Of The Carribean: Dead Man's Chest, coz we haven't watch any movies for quite some time, I think it's the only summer movie that's worthy of enjoying in the cinema.

Turns out I was right after all, haha. The movie didn't dissapoint. The running length is 2 and 1/2 hours, and like King Kong, the first hour is a bit slow, picking up at the second hour and getting better. Lots of exciting action sequences and equally lots of funny lines and jokes (In fact, even more enjoyable than MI3, which is the ONLY summer movie I've watched). The best part was of course the swordfight above the giant cartwheel thing. But the story is a wee bit confusing at first, they expect you'd figure some of the plot points fairly quickly.

Still, Johnny Depp is so enjoyable as the flamboyant Captain Jack Sparrow that time flies by, hehe. Elizabeth's dark side is slowly emerging, and I find that Commodore Norrington is surprisingly dashing with that rugged look compared to the first movie. But Orlando Bloom is still boring, period.

The special effects are definitely some of the best, with the realistically CGI Davy Jones being the standout. Look out for an Oscar nod for Best Makeup or Best Visual Effects.

The only thing I can't stand is the cliffhanger endings, dammit. Have to wait another year for the 3rd installment. And it's competing with Spidey 3.

Coming up: Superman Returns.

BTW, spotted another Proton on the streets, I think it's a Wira, but the back of the car says Persona, heh.

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