Sunday, July 23, 2006

A day at the zoo

Woke up earlier than usual coz planned to go to the zoo at Chester. Gone out one hour late coz eveybody was hegeh-hegeh......

The tics was GBP13.00, student price. The Chester Zoo was certainly big, and well maintained than our very own Zoo Negara. The gardens, parks, picnic spots and playgrounds add a nice touch to it.

There's not many animal shows there, and our timing was bad, missed all the shows.

There's a Jaguar museum of some sort, and I've not even spotted an actual one there. Oh, and now i know what their urine smells like after experiencing it first hand.

For me the chimps was the most enjoyable, coz I saw them shit, pee, fight each other and slamming themselves towards the protective window and scaring the shit out of the tourists, hahaha.

I'd like to elaborate more, but I'm dead sleepy right now. So, adios.

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