Sunday, July 23, 2006


Been doing the coursework for User Interface Design all day long, and taking time to slack off and blog now. I'm still confused of what I am supposed to do.

Criticize an established academic paper? Puh-leeze...Who am I, Hawkings? How to criticize other experts' academic research when I myself am just a student...and not a very bright one too I might add.

It's like writing a Master's degree thesis, only, 4 pages short. I am so not ready for that.

Can't even come up with 4 pages of my own academic paper...pathetic.

To top it off, the deadline is on this Friday, and as of now, I have only completed 2 pages of what is supposed to be a 30 page plus coursework. Only 4 days left for the preamble, 7 stages of TOA, summary, and a PowerPoint presentation.

Good luck to me.

p/s: My tendency to self-depreciate has slowly turned into self-destruction and mocking (and exaggerating things). This is what happen when you idolize Fight Club.

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