Thursday, July 20, 2006

So close...

Been wanting to go travel in Scotland, but haven't found the time yet. We lack planning and proper time management, hence the delay.

Then, today we heard that Adrian and his mates are going to Scotland tomorrow afternoon. Rented 2 cars, 10 persons at GBP196 per vehicle. GBP39 per person, not a bad price, considering it's a week rate.

At night, we thought, what the heck -- if we don't go now, there's not much time left already. a moment of inspiration and last minute decision means we're going to Scotland with them tomorrow. IT'S NOW OR NEVER BABY!

Fuck assignments, we'll get it done when we're back!

As everything seems to run smoothly, and discussions with Kok Cheng were generating excitement...there's a sudden revelation that hit us.

To rent and drive a car, ya need a person with a valid driving license and be 23 years and above. (The law's pretty strict here)

There's five of us, three are above 23 years old, and another two are 22 years old (me being one of them). Seems like no problem.

The ironic part? Gerlin and Standlye's licenses are expired; Josephine's one is in Malaysia; and me and Anna's licenses are valid, but we are underage.


Not scared or anything, but the risk of being caught violating laws in another country got the better of us.

We could take the trains, but that would cost a bit more, and we gotta walk around sightseeing while carrying our bags. Plus, we'd have to find youth hostels, YMCA houses or whatever for a sleepover. At least we can save on accommodation if there's a car.

And we would miss out the chance to hang out with Adrian and gang.


Well, back to assignments......

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