Sunday, July 16, 2006

Trip to Chester

Went to Chester on Friday morning coz there's no class...other groups of people have already went to Blackpool, Birmingham, Manchester, Sheffield...this is our first trip outside of Liverpool after one and a half month here...pathetic...

Bought a ticket on the bus for GBP3.50 that allows unlimited travel between Liverpool and Chester...but before reaching Chester we stopped at Chesire Oaks, a designer outlet that houses branded goods at discounted prices. They got a Nike warehouse, Gap warehouse, Reebok warehouse, etc. selling items at ridiculously cheap 50-70% discounts! SHOPPING HEAVEN! Tempat ni Starhill pun kalah!

I only did some window shopping, I seldom shop anyway...but I bought a T-shirt with a Pulp Fiction motif at Petroleum for GBP9.00. I just can't resist it, coz I doubt I'd find something similar in KL...

What was supposed to be a 2 hours stroll became a 4 hours shopping spree, coz the place was simply too big, and the girls were shopaholics, so we only left for Chester at nearly 4pm.

After countless roundabouts and another 20 minutes later, we reached Chester Market. Before we came, I asked around other people who have went there before, and they said it's like a kampung place, but I find it rather clean, and there's a lot of cultural activities here, too bad there's no function or event happenning on Friday.

Actually there's only two significant landmarks here, which is the Eastgate and Chester River. There are some castles, but they are closed for visiting, and so are the churches.....There's not much to do here, only sightseeing and a little shopping around.

When it comes to asking for directions, the gang "appointed" me as the "spokeperson", supposedly because of my English (they often call me the walking dictionary...Ptui! Ya think my English is that good? ). So I ended up talking to a lot of strangers. Well it's not bad, at least I get to sharpen up my language skills, and flirting with some hot girls :P.

Nick said we should look out for an archeoogical site while we were there, but we didn't see it the whole trip. But it was on the other site of town, only saw it when we were leaving, haha. Turns out it's a Roman Amphitheatre, whatever that means.

Nothing much to see already, so we just called it a day and went back to Marybone. On the way home, I spotted a rarity: amongst all the Audis, BMWs, Mercedes, Volkswagens and Mini Coopers there lies a Proton Saga, the most lau yar version. The bus was shaky, this is the best shot I got.

The next day got to know that Adrian and his mates went to Blackpool early in the morning. Damn, missed the chance to go to a nudist beach.

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