Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I'm goin to Scotland baby!

I've been waiting for this all this while, I'm finally going to Scotland!

There's 2 gang of people in the class who's planning the trip, so we sort of just jump on the bandwagon...hehe, what the hell, figured if we don't follow them, then we really don't have to go anywhere's now or never.

Booked the car on Monday actually, just took it back to our hostel (not me of course, I'm a rookie driver). We booked a Class 3 Nissan Almeira, but got a Class 5 Megane Scenic instead,'s a manual gear car, but the car key is a keycard, the CD player volume control is on the headlight control, and the brake is only a pull out deck.

WEIRD. Took us about an hour to get the hang of it.

We're leaving at midnight, which is about 6 hours from now. So for the meantime gotta stock up on supplies (mostly snacks, breads and biscuits), coz we're traveling for 5 days, mostly sleeping in the car on camp sites.

I gotta go sleep now. Been rushing the assignment from yesterday til today. Gotta get some 3 hours sleep before departure.

I guess I won't be blogging these few days, so adios.

And wish me luck!

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