Wednesday, September 27, 2006

short recap

I haven't blog for 2 and a half weeks already and frankly, I don't even know why. The enthusiasm that once motivated me to document my life and views as much as possible has, to put it bluntly, faded...I don't want to stop blogging, and I still got tonnes of topic to blog about...damn, I AM addicted to ASTRO......

Here's a recap of the past 2 weeks:

10/9 - returned safely from Liverpool, arriving at 10.15pm.

11/9 - helped Pei Wern got her stuff from KLIA as her flight was delayed from Dubai for 10 hours.

12/9 - went back to Alor Gajah to visit grandpa.

14/9 - sent out a few job application through Still waiting for a reply. (yes I know it's tough)

16/9 - went back to Alor Gajah again to fetch grandpa back home coz he was sick. Stayed at home for a week.

17/9 til' 26/9 - continue to slack at home...

Other details I can't remember...probably spent the days watching TV and playing video the life of the potato couch......

I ringed up some friends to give them a simple hello-I'm-back-from-Liverpool greetings, though I have yet to met them...probably after getting a job first......

There's a possible interview next week at Teik Teng's company, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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