Tuesday, October 03, 2006

TV Mania

Since I came back from Liverpool the one constant thing that I do everyday without fail is, of course, watching TV, what else to do when you've got ASTRO and lots of free time? I've been deprived of TV for three months in the UK (they have some good shows now and then, but most of the time it's boring game shows), so coming back home was good.

I get to watch re-runs of AXN shows that I missed, sitcoms on Star World, and movies that I ommited long ago on the Movie Channels.

Heck, just yesterday on the Dynasty Phoenix channel they showcased the 2005 Edinbugh Military Tattoo show, which I missed while in Edinburgh. And today morning I feast my eyes with Miss World 2006......is it just me or does Miss Romania looks like Catherine Zeta-Jones?

Some observations and complains:

My all time favourite drama. You won't find anything more exhilarating and adrenaline rushing on TV. Every episode is a cliffhanger handled way better than Lost. Where is Season 4 on AXN?! Bugger! It's been 2 years since they first showed Season 3...and Season 6 is airing in the US on January!!!

Strong and interesting first season. Got weak each week on Season 2. I got hooked to every character on Season 1, but on Season 2 only Sayid, Jin and Sawyer remain interesting (and Mr. Eko). Even Locke has lost his charisma...I've yet to watch the last few episodes, which I heard is really great...

House MD
Current favourite show on AXN since 24 is absent. Hugh Laurie is damn good in the role...too bad he didn't even get a nod in this year's Emmys. I still find myself sometimes lost amidst all the med jargon and subplot involving the characters. Nonetheless, just watching Laurie's performance is worth it.

Not a really big hit among TV fans, but still watchable. Season 4 ended with a yet another cliffhanger (Vaughn is not really Michael Vaughn). Oh, and Alias has officially transitioned from spy drama to sci-fi zombie drama, which I'm not very sure is a good move or not...guess I'll have to wait til Season 5 to find out...

Everybody Loves Raymond
Still IMO the funniest sitcom since Friends...the supporting actors are even funnier than Ray himself...i think they are airing the final season on Star World......

The silence treatment
you know the rage these days are new comedy series that don't have the laugh track but are highly comical and damn funny. Shows like The Office (I still prefer David Brent over Michael Scott), Arrested Development and Scrubs...but there's some people who don't know when to laugh because there's no laugh track. (those who don't get the jokes and not fluent enough to understand it). Sons and Daughters seems promising after a few episodes that I saw.

Reality overload
These days you can't tuned into MTV and expect to catch a music video playing. I mean everytime I channel surf to MTV it's another freakin' reality show featuring beautiful teenagers in skimpy clothes! I have to watch Hitz.tv now! I want music!!! Bring back the days where they repeatedly play Backstreet Boys and other cheesy pop songs non stop all day! (not that I want to listen to cheesy pop songs nowadays)

Damn tacky commercials!
I'm talking about those biscuits brand X and susu brand Y that shows up on TV now and then and have to be endorsed by local celebrities like Rosyam Nor and Mawi...real cheesy la...but the worse has got to be those supposedly patriotic songs on TV1 and TV2 that shows how progressive we are. Those IT songs, environmentalist conservation songs, and the dreaded keep-the-toilets-clean song. Bloody disgraceful lah...

Meanwhile, the US this season features lots of promising high concept new series, particularly Heroes which is getting lots of buzz lately. The comedies look interesting too.

Let's just hope they make it to AXN or Star World next year.

With so many shows to watch, no wonder my belly is getting bigger by the day.

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