Saturday, November 11, 2006

Jobs Jobs Jobs

The interview at Singapore went smoothly, a wee bit better then the one in KL...however, I was damn pai seh coz didn't able to answer some programming questions from the chief solutions architect (now that's a hot title!)...not bad lah, at least they let me claimed for transport......

That was Wednesday.

Today, went to college with Standlye, Julie and Jess to meet and catch up Jennie from LJMU and also to provide "support" for her presentation...hehe, finally knew what it's like being a senior where everyone is eager to get answers from you :P

Then, got a call halfway from the first company, and......



Can't believe I got myself employed at a respectable company! Note to self: belanja Auntie Annie makan. Must work hard to prove that I'm worth the salary.

Later, hang out with Standlye and Jess at KLCC before leaving to discuss the job offer with the employer. If everything goes smoothly, I shall be able to start work next week.

Damn nervous just thinking about it......Guess I have just a few days left to goyang kaki before stepping into the work field... :P

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