Monday, November 06, 2006


Went for the second interview on Friday, it was a test actually. The English test I think I can do, the maths test I didn't finish the last five question, not enough time, and the diagram test was hell after question no.3.

Didn't dare say I fared well in the test, but getting called for the test at least gave me some hope.

And just when I was down contemplating about my performance for the test, the company from Singapore called for an interview this week. Thanks JH for your recommendation!

TARC is gonna held a career fair starting from this Wednesday to Friday...suffice to say gonna try me luck there.

* * * * *

JZ was hospitalized last week but recovered few days ago. Stay healthy bro!

Oh yeah, I just took off the tag board in case anyone's asking, coz' those bloody spam messages just keep popping up and I'm too lazy to fix it.

And adding some Technorahti tags just for the heck of it......

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