Monday, November 20, 2006

Start work already!

After two months of procrastinating at home, I finally started working since last Thursday, putting myself in the competitive workfield, of dirty office politics and climbing up corporate ladders.

Well, not really lah, I'm just being "dramatic". But from now on I gotta start working my arse off to prove that I am worth every penny that I was paid for.

For the moment, there's still nothing I can do, so they put me into reading some documents to familiarize with the works and guidelines and whatnots. I tell ya mate, reading non stop on a CRT monitor can really hurt the eyes, not to mention making me so goddamn sleepy. :P

And the team members all stayed back to work until late, make me pai seh only going back home at 8.00pm even when official work hour is 2 hours earlier.

Met some new people, and surprisingly there are quite a few from TARC, a bit unexpected lah. The new recruits are gonna hang out next week at some shopping complex, no harm tagging along and getting to know them better.

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