Thursday, December 21, 2006

Review: Cicak-Man

Went to see this movie last week, coz' the trailer was rather entertaining. Alas, the "experience" is what I would call "fooled-by-the-trailer" syndrome.

It turns out the action sequence in the trailer was the ONLY action sequence in the entire movie. FUCK.

There is a plot initially, but it's so thin. The concept is okay, but the way it's executed is really bad. Do you really need to insert lame jokes and Senario comedy into a superhero movie?

It doesn't help too that the acting is wooden and the love chemistry is almost non-existent. And the dialogues...bloody cliche dialogue spoken so cornily by the actors. I wonder how they keep themselves from laughing when reciting their lines...

With a Spider-Man like plot, Daredevil resembling costume (Saiful face looks even more skeletal in the mask), Aznil Nawawi impersonating The Riddler and the Joker but annoying as hell to the max, and the Matrix's twins, it's got copycat written all over it. Well at least the twins are sometimes entertainingly funny. ("Tengok, tengok apa? Mau curi?!")

I seem to be biased, but I'll give Yusry credit for the subtle satire sprinkled throughout the movie, at least he's attempting to say something, which I think will most probably went through most people's head. Commentaries include the train station announcements, and the clones' skip-beat track antics is such an obvious stab at piracy. I dun understand how people can laugh at Senario type lame jokes but missed the satire, which IMO is so much more funnier. If Yusry can attempt some satire, how did the end product become so trashy? It's possible that he's directing the whole movie so badly intentionally as a parody itself, but I seriously doubt that.

At least the CG is done competently, but the need for a fictional city seems superficial. KL not good enough ah?

The saving grace comes in the form of Jalaludin Hassan's cameo as the mayor type character. But the funniest still has got to be the newspaper jokes everytime Cicak-Man does some good deeds.

Let's hope for a better sequel if (God forbid) there's ever one.

RATING: 2 out of 5

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