Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Money Licking MuthaF****s

2 weeks ago one of my friends (who shall remain nameless here for the sake of letting me bombard him with curse words) invited me to watch Spidey 3. Dude says he booked 50 tickets at TGV. So many friends? Go figure.

At first I hesitated. Dude must be up to no good (I'll let you guess what he's up to, but you probably already did so). But then he said he also invited a few college mates whom I haven't met up for quite some time. So I thought "What the heck..." and promised.

And turned up I did. And wadayya know, it wasn't 50 people like he said---it was more like 160. All gathered at Burger King KLCC, having dinner while waiting for the show to start.

Seeing these 100 + people, it was like an illegal gathering of some sort and I'm part of it. There's a disturbing sense that you're trying to trash the place with so many people as your "backup". Why the need to have so many people at the same time? To showoff ah, like you got a big gang very 'geng' is it? To network? You're not throwing a home party mate.

Soon after when I was chowing down on my mushroom burger, came this girl who looked like those power women type, ya know, businesswomen. The fella sat down and introduced herself.

Girl: "Hi, I'm XXX's friend. So you guys are his college friends?"
Me: "Yeah, we were college mates few years back."
Girl: "So you're working now huh?"
Me: "Yeah I work in a bank...you working too?"
(with a sudden smirk and a grin on her face) "No, I don't WORK. I do BUSINESS."

NIABEH, very action is it doing your own business...I so wanted to slap that bitch in the face at that very moment. Lucky for her her phone rang and she had to go outside to talk coz' they gathered so many loons in BK in the first place.

Yep, I've encountered the kind of people I hate most: People from the MLM industry. Jerks who can't stop talking about money and business all day long as though they are already experts in the field when all they represent are 2nd year college jocks.

As if hanging with them isn't enough, when the clock hits 9pm all of them starts rushing to the cinema already. The reason?
To get free seatings. Ignoring the fact that people already bought tickets with NUMBERED SEATS these idiots wanna take the whole cinema to themselves by choosing their own comfy seats, preferably at the back row of course. What's the whole point of purchasing tickets in the first place anyway if you're gonna be so selfish?!

You think you are the king of the world ah?
Fuck you lah.

Multi Level Marketing? Screw that. I call them Money Licking MuthaF****s.

* more MLM bashing in the next post. Sorry, I just have to blurt it out.

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