Friday, July 13, 2007

The past 2 months

Holy moly, I was MIA for the past 2 months, my longest period ever. Here's a short, non-chronological recap, for anyone who bothers:

After 6 months of probation I received the job confirmation. Salary increased by 5%. Like, wow.

I bought Muse's "Origin Of Symmetry" album for RM32.90, and has sinced hooked on Citizen Erased everyday at work.

Watched a few movies that includes Spider-Man 3, Sumolah, Blades Of Glory, Pirates 3, Hot Fuzz and Transformers.
Most Enjoyable: Hot Fuzz
Most Meaningful: Sumolah
Suckiest of the lot: Spider-Man 3

I attended 4 weddings in the span of ONE month during May: Colleague's wedding, Alex's colleague's wedding, my college mate NC's wedding, and Dad's once-removed cousin's wedding (Apparently Synical was also dining at the same restaurant in Jaya Supermarket at that time. Didn't see her though, but did manage to exhange some SMS)

The company's CEO was retiring to London, attended the farewell dinner held at KLCC Convention Center, which had some great food at the event.

Dad had a minor operation on the nose to remove some smelly mucus. Nothing biggie. He recovered well, and me and Alex also had a check up. (We Pangs have nose problems dammit)

Had a mini-gathering with the ex-classmates from LJMU. Eric called and invited. Julie was there and so was Jess. Billy came 45 minutes late. Had some laughs in the Wangsa Maju Kopitiam, but the food bloody sucks.
Couldn't make it for a latter gathering a week later though, the one with Heng's farewell.
Total Surprise: Got to know Jess's totally hot younger sis Tanya.

Oh yeah, also bought Travis's "The Boy With No Name", 70% of the songs were listenable which is really quite a feat. First half of the album was more enjoyable though.
Recommended listens: 3 Times And You Lose, Closer, Eyes Wide Open, Under The Moonlight


It's about 3AM now, I'm almost stoned. Getting too high from working.

Working everyday til late night isn't very healthy.

You got no time to do your own stuff anymore.

You don't have time for papers.

You don't have time for laundry.

You don't have time for socializing.

You don't even have time to shit.

But you know something's very wrong when sometimes, just sometimes only, for a little moment, you actually enjoy working so late.

Damn psycho.


Call Center.








Corporate pressure.

I'm almost sick of it all.



Cannot tahan liao.
3 languages in a sentence. The beauty of Manglish.

The anarchist in me is wating to get out.

I am Jack's Surpressed Rage.

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