Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I'm sick.

Exhausted, whole body is tired. No energy.

The body has finally taken its toll. Probably due to working late for the past few weeks.

And definitely due to the snacks and fast foods and those more-than-RM10-above lunch sets that I took during lunchtime. Gotta cut away from those....

So since yesterday I was home, took a 2 day MC, coz the almost-fever came back in the evening yesterday after I almost recovered. This morning's heavy rain doesn't help either. No point risk getting wet and sick again.

And the haze...the freakin back. I can barely see KLCC from my window. I said, I stayed home all day since yesterday, save for going to grab something to eat, and, you know, spent the a few hours contemplating on my life, reevaluate my priorities, ponder on life-work balance, what I should so with the remaining days of my core leave after getting back from Indonesia....

You know, heavy stuff. Yada yada yada.

This, after I almost screw up my mid year appraisal by not remembering any good or outstanding things/performance that could've help me in the ratings. Luckily my mentor Fish helped me out a lot during the review. Really, really appreaciate it, thanks a million Fish!

Also, finally finish reading Fight Club that I've bought since late April. The "Afterword" section was pretty creepy, where the author imagined himself a victim of some real life fight club homework assignment and the rest of the world has obsessed over the novel so much so that life-imitates-art. Yeah, it took me three months to finish a 200+ page novel. But I've been busy with work you know...I could only read on the way back home everynight in the shaky LRT.

Oh yeah, while sick at home, I spent the whole day online.

Like I said, I seriously gotta reevaluate my priorities.

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