Thursday, September 01, 2005

Belated Celebration

Listening to: The buzzing sound in my head coz I'm damn sleepy now.

it's our national independence day, ppl, HAPPY 48th BIRTHDAY to Malaysia, Whoo-Hoo!!!

I was supposed to went out with the classmates yesterday, but nobody wanted to go out (proof that I'm a bad planner), when suddenly an old friend of mine called and asked to meet him in 1U...but then i had to cancel it too coz I dun wanna come back late (it's a 50 minute trip by LRT)...

instead, went to Low Yat Red-Box with Chris, Kien Jean, VV today...y does ppl enjoy singing karaoke so much? i can never understand......anyway, the fucker VV was hogging the mic all day long and i only managed a couple of songs...want proof? here's some:

see how enjoyed he is? grabbing the mic for a whole friggin' 1 hour in the limited time of only 2 hours......wey, other ppl also need to sing la!!! :(

aiyo, please lah...this one young teenage girls punya pose la...

mwahahaa!!!! finally it's my turn !!!! :p although i have to admit that is quite a stupid and horrendous pose and it doesn't fit my personality......but hey, who gives a shit, it's Merdeka!!! (although i dun quite get the feeling of it)

that ain't my finger, it's Chris'......god knows y he wanna show his middle finger...perhaps he 'bu suang' me ? mayb, with a l**j*** face looking like that, siapa pun mahu bagi the finger la...

Kien Jean the crooner in our enjoyed, so inspired, so captivating, so *insert ur adjective here* :P

Enough with the karaoke, i dun get to sing much anyway, after meeting Kok Leng (he despises karaoke) we decided to watch IMAX T-Rex, just to experience the 3D effects la, coz we jakuns need to try out everything mah......but the damn show only starts at 6.30 PM and we got friggin' 4 hours plus to kill !!! sien la dunno wat to do, so we went to bought the tix while Kok Leng stays in Borders to indulge in the latest adventures of Specky Boy in Witch School (read:HP&tHBP)......

First time come to Borders despite recommendation from frens...the place is so big...ridiculously BIG...I can stay in here for the whole day without getting bored......ahhh, bookworm (which I am not) heaven......
* there's a Ralph Bakshi's animated version of LOTR being played here...i can say that i was lucky i never watched it before coz it's so damn horrible......

So i went off to those pirated video stores to start my scouring of the DVDs, hahaha......finally found some from my "Wanted List", which includes:
- My Left Foot
- GoodFellas
- L.A. Confidential
- The Last of The Mohicans
- Leon (The Professional)
- Crash
- Hustle & Flow; spent about RM75 on DVDs alone, damn...this month gonna pokai already......

They even got the latest season 4 of '24', damn it's currently showing in the US, and the LOST DVD is not even available in the States yet!!! If the governmental dept has half of the pirates' "speed and efficiency" then the sun will probably set in the East......

Later had dinner at Hartz Chicken Buffet at's literally eat all you want with only, until the whole stomach wanna explode liao.
Estimated waist growth: 2 in.

fast forward......the IMAX movie sucked......not very bad la, but at the end it kinda goes for cheesiness......the ads were even more exciting with better graphics...wonder why they dun show that instead......

The Usual Suspects :P

In the end, after celebrated well still no Merdeka feel...felt disapointed......maybe next year? But i doubt it.

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