Friday, September 30, 2005

Sense of Hopelessness

I been doing a lot of thinking for the past few days. i thought a lot about myself. i thought a lot about my friends and family. i thought about my future, the possibilities in job employment, getting a girlfriend, getting laid marriage, a lot of other shits too.

And I came to the conclusion that i might be hopeless after all.

Call me pessimistic or whatever, but i do think that i am way, way behind a lot of my peers in terms of life achievement and excellence. You may say something along the lines of "don't compare yourself with others" or "you are who you are" or those kinda shits. I get those all the time. You can't possibly say that to yourself no matter how open-minded you are. Everyone will have some degree of jealousy towards others.

Compare with these people whom i know of:

*** A primary mate of mine who's now on 8TV's Coca-Cola Thirst for Passion: Music Executive reality show, and a really good entrepreuner

*** A friend who's already making near 5 figure salary via MLM

*** Some friends who's already making it big in overseas Uni

*** 2 mutual friends armed with super programming skills freelancing for companies

*** A mate in Singapore who's working as a network techician while simultaneously getting laid hanging out at night clubs with clients and colleagues

And I'm still here blogging, complaining and living in my own la-la land.

My VB 6 skills sucks, my ASP skill is non-existent, and I have only one more week to finish the final year project.

oh bloody.

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