Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Listening To: Dick Brave & The Backbeats "Complicated" [cover of Avril Lavigne's song with 60s Elvis twang, from the artist known as Sasha (If You Believe)]

got tagged by Jen Nih Surf pulak, watever that means......

Seven things you plan to do before you die:

1. get an Oscar...really!
2. Bungie jumping
3. travel around the world
4. get an MD or PhD in medicine (maybe after i retire?)
5. publish a novel
6. develop a video game at Konami or Capcom
7. leave behind a legacy when i die...

Seven things I could do:

1. watch movies all day long
2. write better blog entries
3. spend more time with my family
4. be not so damn lazy...
5. finish The Lord of The Rings novels
6. get a girlfriend
7. get a secured and high salary job

Seven celebrity crushes:

1. Scarlett Johansson
2. Kate Beckinsale
3. Michelle Branch
4. Charlize Theron
5. Maria Bello
6. Julianne Moore
7. Kiefer Sutherland (cannot admire a guy ah? he's damn cool as Jack Bauer)

Seven often repeated words:

1. Wa Lau Eh......
2. What the hell...?
3. FUCK LAH !!! (when in frustration)
4. where got like that one ?!
5. celaka punya *whatever it is that I tak syok of*
6. dude...
7. What?! (of course la, my name what :P)

Seven physical traits I look for in the opposite sex:

1. great legs...
2. hot body...
3. short hair...
4. long hair...
5. healthy skin
7. anything but big cute eyes

Seven tags go to:

1. Jo Wen
2. Soe Chin
3. Jarod
4. Kok Leng
5. Manfred
6. Kien Jean
7. whoever also can la......

damn i should be studying for tmr's E-Commerce exam...lazy again......


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