Sunday, September 11, 2005

Xanga Murder

I was reading Yi Hua's Hardware Mag on the article about blogging, when this paragraph immediately grabbed my attention: "Blogs also reveal the state of mind of a blogger and there already has been one case where a murdered blogger managed to reveal the identity of the murderer right before he died".

Like that also can? So, i went to the site and also read the news report linked from Wikipedia......

Apparently this guy from the US (a chinese, i think) was blogging when his sister's ex start whacking him and then stabbing him to his death...later the police read his blog and caught the murderer...ironic, but it's so damn creepy after reading it coz u already knew the outcome, making it much more disturbing...kinda like foreshadowing in the storybooks......

p/s: the last entry drew 3482 comments. Go figure.

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